Dave Kobelin

Clarify what's important and Courageously live it out!

Clarify what's important and

Courageously live it out!

As the 'InCourage Coach/Consultant', Dave Kobelin partners together with individuals, ministries, and organizations through individual Professional Life Coaching and Organizational Consulting. Serving as a catalyst for change, he serves clients by helping them to identify what they truly value, then instills courage in them to passionately pursue it. Dave has taken inspiration, as well as the name of his company, from the Greek word Tharseo, which means 'to be of good courage' or 'to take courage.'

His expertise and passion is inspiring individuals, ministries, and organizations to 'take courage' and live out the purpose for which they were created. Through collaborative conversations and a clarity defining process, he helps each one discover and step boldly into the great adventure designed specifically for them.

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